This group of services includes full packages of advisory and legal services related to the RA labor legislation in the stage of hiring, working process and termination of the labor relations. Namely our services cover:

  • • Advisory for hiring, including hiring of foreign citizens,

  • • Preparation of general templates of labor contracts, additional agreements,

  • • Advisory on termination of labor contracts,

  • • Preparation of orders of the head of the company on hiring, granting annual leaves, etc.,

  • • Preparation of summons on changes of the essential conditions of the labor contract, summons on termination of the labor contract, etc.

This group of services includes:

  • • Preparation of various internal legal acts (rules, regulations, policies), such as internal code of conduct, regulations on rewards and other incentives, the rules of disciplinary proceedings (initiating the proceeding, process, and application of a measure of liability), work organization procedures based on the company's field of activity or sub-stages of daily working activities or based on the type of the work of departments operating under the company,

  • • Preparation of rules and procedures for defining the trade secrets, transfer, and maintenance of the confidential information,

  • • Optimization of the company structure,

  • • Preparation of procedures for drawing up, approving, and changing the organizational (hierarchical) structure, job descriptions, etc.

  • • Presentation of recommendations for making the required changes in the company's charter, aimed at improving the company’s management and developing the internal environment,

  • • Preparation of the procedure for convening and conducting the company's highest governing body’s meetings (general meeting of shareholders), defining the scope of issues or powers of the latter related to the company's management,

  • • Preparation of decisions and orders of the managing bodies of the company,

  • • Preparation of rules of business administration, procedure of documentation flow.

Our firm has vast experience in developing contracts for the resident and non-resident parties, governing relations raised and completed in the territory of Armenia, abroad and transnationally, covering relations in the field of investment, real estate, supply, cargo transportation, labor, service provision, lease, collateral, etc. Where applicable, we also cover the process of state registration of the rights arising from the contract (e.g. registration of the rights at the Real Estate Cadastre Committee of RA, registration of the rights at the Agency for State Register of Legal Entities of the RA, etc.).

This group of services includes:

  • Statue and other founding documents - companies vary in size and industry, so it’s not expedient to use standard templates for all types of companies. Thus, setting the proper foundations plays a vital role in the long-term success. It’s never too late to amend the statue and set a new start for the business. We have huge experience in preparation of founding documents for profit and non-profit companies, their state registration, as well as experience in amending such documents upon the Clients’ request or based on our advisory and improving recommendations.

  • Investments in the capital – preparing legally required capital raising documents and duly implementing registration of capital raising is essential in avoiding negative circumstances for the investors. Pricing and structuring the capital in proportion with the investment may sometimes be complex and involve other skills including valuation of the investment. Our experienced lawyers are ready to provide their valued recommendations to guarantee the legality and long-term sustainability of such investments.

  • Conflicts of shareholders, or between shareholders and managing bodies – through our practice we have accumulated expertise related to conflicts between active and passive shareholders, related to distribution of the dividend, making key decisions on the future of the company, as well as cases when the managing body of the company rejects to implement and challenges the decision of the shareholder at the court foreseeing risk of the decision for the company. Our practice may bring positive outcome in relevant cases, especially considering that Armenian legislation does not provide in-depth regulation for such corporate issues.

Before entering into a new business existing in the market it is always recommended to have a comprehensive and complete information about the company which is possible to receive through a legal audit․ Due diligence comprises an investigation of all types of ongoing contracts, legality of the recent investments, identification and revealing possible legal risks related, but not limited to the existing or potential litigations, debts, loans, labor issues, legal issues related to real estates, valuable movable property, cross-check of all documented and physically existing assets. Due diligence may affect future income visibility and sustainability of such investment.

Trademarks - Trademarks are signs, words that allow consumers to distinguish goods and services in the market.
Industrial design – Designs protect the appearance of a product (shape, look).
Inventions - Patents protect inventions, such as the technology, the formula, the components of the equipment, devices, etc.
Copyright and related rights - Copyright is an automatic right that applies when the work is fixed, written or recorded in some way, e.g. novels, plays, films, music, photos, software and paintings.

We provide the following services in the mentioned fields:

  • Registration - In case of trademarks, industrial designs, and inventions the rights of the owner shall be duly registered for which we provide full package of legal service starting from filling up the relevant applications, providing procedural support based on requests and summons of the state register office, appealing the decision on rejecting the state registration, challenging the decision of the state register offices in the court.

  • Litigation - Our legal service includes litigation against potential offenders related to prohibition of acts that violate the IP rights of our Clients including requesting compensation for the illegal use of the IP rights.

  • Contracts and Advisory – we offer advisory services in preparation of trademark license agreement, copyright usage agreement, and we also offer legal advice on securing your authority over copyright objects, taking into account the fact that according to RA legislation, the rights to copyright objects are not subject to state registration, but in order to protect the rights, you shall have indisputable facts about being the author of the relevant work.

The construction has been one of the most active business fields in Armenia in the recent years, which is sometimes considered to be complicated. Through many years, we have accumulated extensive expertise in the area of construction projects.

We offer legal advice related to:

  • • Service contracts on construction and engineering activities,

  • • Reservation contracts,

  • • Option-to-purchase contracts,

  • • Contracts of surrender of claim,

  • • Мortgage (collateral) contracts,

  • • Transfer acts,

  • • Purchase and sale contracts (in installments or with lump sum payment).

We also offer legal advice regarding purchasing and selling real estate. The process of buying property may cause risks in the future if the cadastral archive (cadastral records of all times of the real estate) is not duly examined.
We cover all 3 stages of buying and selling real estate, namely:

We have in-depth knowledge of the field and can assist you with all the practical aspects through the entire process starting from examination of the documents, making downpayment, till signing of the sale and purchase contract and state registration of the rights arising from the contract.

For business effectiveness, efficient management or cost reduction the company may decide or may be recommended to reorganize the legal entity (merger, consolidation, division, separation, transformation).

Our legal services include:

  • • structuring, planning and preparing the sale and purchase agreement or other transaction documents,

  • • preparing munities of the shareholders/board’s meeting,

  • • advisory related to reorganization and the competition law,

  • • preparation of shareholders agreements,

  • • state registration of the rights of new shareholders, legal entities and/or related amendments in the founding documents of the legal entities.

  • As an additional guarantee for a successful reorganization, it is required to pass a legal and tax due diligence before starting to structure the reorganization deal.

RA competition and antitrust legislation refers to the following:

  • • prohibition of anti-competitive agreements,

  • • prohibition of abuse of monopoly or dominant position,

  • • prohibition of abuse of a strong negotiating position,

  • • concentration and its declaration,

  • • unfair competition,

  • • state aid and its prohibition.

  • RA Competition Protection Commission has the right to initiate administrative proceedings in connection with any case and to issue a warning or impose a fine on legal entities.
    Based on our expertise, complex transactions usually require economic assessment of the deal on the market and a competitive environment. We provide legal support to our clients in getting the state authority’s permissions, opinions, where applicable. In case of initiating administrative proceedings, we provide legal representation and legal advisory services.

Our desire is to settle the disputes extra-judicially, though negotiations. However, we admit that there are cases when negotiations do not lead to success. For such cases we provide legal representation service in all courts of the Republic of Armenia, including all judicial instances. Our licensed attorneys having a wide range of litigation experience invest their professionalism, multitask problem-solving ability, knowledge of case-law and judicial practice for the success of the trial.

If your company is no longer able to pay its debts, or your debtor fails to repay the debts, an insolvency litigation procedure may be required during which the business may try to recover and establish its normal pace, and repay the debts based on a repayment schedule agreed with the creditors and approved by the court. Our licensed attorneys will guide you through the whole insolvency litigation procedure, provide consultancy on potential risks and effective solutions, as well as represent your rights at the Bankruptcy Court of RA and at the higher judicial instances.

This group of services includes:

  • • Legal representation during administrative hearings,

  • • Preparation of objections/positions during the proceeding,

  • • Filing administrative complaint,

  • • Challenging the administrative act in the court.